Underwater photography has become a very popular activity

Underwater photography has become a very popular activity

Underwater photography has become a very popular activity; even more for those of us who are adventure seekers that love nature and are always searching on how to connect with all the beautiful things Mother Nature has to offer. The ocean can fulfill all of this feelings and more, just imagine yourself on a tropical island diving on the clearest waters you have ever seen, staring at a beautiful coral reef full of colors and live while in your hand you have a camera to take some underwater photography which will allow you to freeze that amazing moment for eternity.

By being a part of Ocean Nomads internships you will have to stop imagining this things and start living them because what we offer you is to live in Cozumel which is situated in the heart of the Caribbean, for four weeks all your food and accommodation will be taken care of so all you have to do is learn underwater photography and then practice it by taking as many underwater photos of turtles, whale sharks, thousand year old coral formations, hundreds of different species of fish and all the other remarkable life and seascapes there are here in paradise.

The team we have put together for our underwater photography student internships is the perfect combination of scuba instructors, dive masters and underwater photographers who will be teaching you the best way to scuba dive, good buoyancy techniques and most importantly how to correctly use all the underwater equipment in manual mode for wide angle and macro photography which are the most used types in this field. They will be with you through the learning process, the underwater practices and also assessing all the work through extra tutorials and photo feedback sessions.

Ocean Nomads owns top of the range scuba and camera equipment: from a small amateur camera, to midrange mirrrorless cameras to professional dslr’s. The students will learn how to use all types of cameras and be able to maximize their results depending the system they are using. Ocean Nomads aim is that when our students leave Cozumel, they can use any camera and show their viewers that it is not the camera taking a good photo, it is the photographer and all the knowledge she/he has acquired.

So will you join us to this Underwater Photography Adventure?

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