A day with Ocean Nomads

A day with Ocean Nomads

The smell of fresh coffee being made by one of the other students in the course wakes me up before my alarm clock rings. I wake up easily because I know today is gonna be a great day. How do I know this you might ask, well they have all been really awesome ever since I arrived to this welcoming island to do an underwater photography internship but also I am really excited because we are gonna go to one of Pepe’s favourite dive sites (Pepe is the professional underwater photographer who has been teaching us all about this amazing trade).

All of us eat some breakfast together at the Ocean Nomads house telling each other anecdotes about a few of the things we have done so far like swimming with whale sharks or finding a really tiny orange sea horse we all photographed and by the time we have to start getting everything ready everybody is already waiting to open the classroom where we assembled the cameras last night so that they will be ready this morning for our dives.

Getting to the Marina is really nice because we all get on the car and Pepe drives us there on a road acompanied by the Mexican Caribbean at its best which is where 10 minutes later after loading the boat is where we are sailing off to. Almost exactly at the exit of the marina is where Cozumel national marine park starts. Due to this area being protected for over the last 20 years you can find marine life that does not exist in many other places anymore. After only 25 minutes on a calm passage through the marine park we get to Palancar reef, the most famous reef in Cozumel where we will do our first dive.

Everybody on the boat is very excited to get in, so we all help each other get ready. It feels like we have been doing this for ages because we are getting really good at it. Once everybody is ready to go, the captain Victor counts three, two, one, go and we roll back into the warm blue ocean where waiting for us are formations of corals as high as three story buildings and as old as the island itself.

Seems like everybody has been listening to the classes because we all stayed in a group, took care of each other and most of all had an amazing time photographing the immeasurable amounts of marine life all around us.

Our second dive was in “El Cedral” which again was a gorgeous dive with many photo opportunities. One of the things that stood out today was a turtle on the bottom of the ocean calmly eating a sponge and when I saw it I swam as fast as I could to start the photo shoot.


The turtle went on its business as if I wasn’t there so I took that opportunity and fired away until I got stopped by Pepe who helped me realize my flash was pointing at the wrong direction so I moved it and saw on the LCD screen the improvement that small twitch made for my photos.

We finished the dives and had a delicious meal, and we came back home where we relaxed for a few hours and talked about the nurse shark someone spotted and the swim throughs we went trough and the light coming in past the wholes on the reef made for some aweosme photos.

After everybody had some time to relax we went to the classroom where we opened the underwater housings to take out the cameras so we could all see the pictures on our computers. I was really happy with three of my photos today so I showed then to my new friends which showed me theirs also. It is very nice to see how much better we are all getting compared to the first day where I only sort of liked one of my photos out of the whole photo shoot.

Pepe gave us his opinion on the photos we took and also on the things he saw us doing wrong through the dive so that we don’t make this mistakes tomorrow when we do this all over again.

Before finishing the day Pepe gave us a tutorial which should help us for tomorrows dive in the Cenotes (caverns). We all decided to go walk around town just in time to see the amazing sunset that Cozumel had prepared for us to make this day even more perfect. Can’t wait to do alk of this again tomorrow!