My first and not last underwater photography internship in Cozumel Mexico ??

My first and not last underwater photography internship in Cozumel Mexico ??

Over the summer I had the experience of a lifetime traveling to Cozumel, Mexico! For the entire month I was on the island I had the opportunity to be a part of an internship with Ocean Nomads and learn how to do underwater photography! I honestly think it was a trip of a lifetime and I wish it hadnʼt ended so soon. Every dive was incredible and I truly wish that I could just live underwater and be a mermaid so I didnʼt have to leave the beauty and excitement that I had never seen before this trip.

For the internship I had to become a certified diver, Ari and Pepe were the lucky individuals who got to teach me, before I could get my hands on a camera for the course. During my stay I got to learn how to control my buoyancy while holding a camera with housing and strobes(much harder than I expected!), how to get the best possible photos out of the sea life that I got to see every dive, and learned that the big scary fish were not nearly as scary as the media portrayed them to be.

Apart from diving and learning how to handle heavy duty housing with a camera inside, I was also introduced to the exciting world of Mexican food. Ari and Pepe showed me all of the local restaurants and made home-made meals, which were honestly delicious! They introduced me to their friends and I felt very welcomed by everyone I was introduced to. My two instructors were nothing but humble and the nicest people Iʼve ever met. I wouldnʼt trade this experience for the world.

Although the trip ended sooner than Iʼd like Iʼm positive that it wasnʼt the last time Iʼll get to see the two of them. I want to thank them for showing me the world of Cozumel and introducing me to their world, and also taking me on dive adventures and teaching me how to be the best underwater photographer I could be. I am beyond thankful to have gotten to meet them and have them teach me for the month. This was my first trip to Cozumel, but certainly not my last!



by  Nora Glover/Norris the Muppet