Where is the best place to go diving?

Where is the best place to go diving?

We get this question a lot and the answer is a lot more complicated than what people want. I think most people would love to hear us name a country and a specific dive site, write it down in their bucket list and get on with their lifes but as you all know life is never that simple and personally we think that is actually not a bad thing. To start with, we have not been able to dive everywhere, at least not yet. Maybe one day we will get to one place where we will say, “this is the one, the best dive destination in the world” meanwhile this is our answer.

Every place is so different from the next one the same as every person is different so this makes the answer even more difficult. Do you like sharks, drift dives, wrecks, warm water, amazing visibility, swim-throughs, wrecks, you get the point, right. The best example we have is when we went to South Africa after spending seven months between Thailand and Myanmar, our expectations were pretty high so when the first thing they told us is to grab a 7mm wetsuit, preferably with a hood and gloves we almost said no thank you, I only go on dives where all I wear is a swimsuit and a rash guard.

We had never had to work so hard to go diving before, not only putting on all those layers but to get on the boat you’ve gotta push, jump and hold on for dear life and hope the skipper can pass through the brakes without knocking anyone over or worst flipping the zodiac. After surviving through this ordeal, you get to the dive site where the dive master tells you visibility is awesome today, about 30ft/10mts. Not exactly what you are used to hearing in South East Asia but what the heck we are already here, let’s do this!


We jump in and yes, the dreaded string of cold water started going down our spine through the wet suit zipper, but this was not gonna stop us so we descended into a dive site which we could not see from the surface. We got to the bottom full of rock formations and a few brown and grey looking corals, not convinced with having made the right decision of diving in this rough waters we followed our guide closely trying our best not to loose him when not even five minutes into the dive we saw a scary looking ragged tooth shark moving slowly through the bottom and then another one and another one and so on almost through the whole dive. As the dive went on we kept seeing new things, creatures we’ve never seen anywhere else in the world, like the small eye stingray or the leopard ray which seem like they are common in this area. Paper fish, frogfish, nudibranches, so many cool things in one dive site. By the end of this dive there was not a doubt in our minds that we were gonna try to dive as much as possible in this amazing waters.

What this taught us is that it doesn’t matter where you are or what conditions the ocean has for you that day you should go dive and check out what lies beneath the surface, you could get a great surprise. The other thing we learned was that the best dive destination you will ever be at is where you are at that moment! It doesn’t matter if you are in freezing cold Canada or the Red Sea, the ocean is so magical it will always reward you with something amazing.