Who comes on this course?

Who comes on this course?

You may think that a course in underwater photography is not suitable for you. Think again!

All sorts of people from a variety of backgrounds join Ocean Nomads for this course, whether you are thinking of pursuing a photography career, or just love scuba diving and want to learn a new skill. You can even learn to dive here in the week before you start the course. Here I’ll tell you a bit more about my course mates and myself, what we do and why we are here. 


Christena, age 26, is a Biology student at Humboldt State University. She had about 20 dives before starting this course, all in the colder waters where she is doing her scientific diving with the university, so is very much enjoying not wearing a wetsuit in the warm waters here (generally around 29∞C/ 84∞F).



Ryan, age 30, is a freelance filmmaker and video editor from New York. He got into diving in 2018, starting this course with about 60 dives. Through this he became passionate about ocean conservation, and so volunteers at the New York Aquarium. This is his fourth time visiting the beautiful island and reefs of Cozumel. He chose to study underwater photography with Ocean Nomads as a means of combining his passions for visual arts and diving and as a way of promoting a message of conservation. He hopes to use these new skills to pursue career opportunities and to be closer to the ocean.

Kimi (me!)

I have always loved the ocean, from exploring rockpools when I was little, to learning to scuba dive when I got older. This ocean fascination led me to study for a Masters in Marine Biology at the University of Southampton, and I am currently looking to start my career in this area. I started this course with about 30 dives, having done my Advanced Open Water with Ari. I met the founders of Ocean Nomads, Ari and Pepe, a couple of years ago whilst volunteering with Love the Oceans in Mozambique, and was excited to hear that they were running a photography course here in Cozumel. Whilst I do not intend to pursue a career involving underwater photography, a course like this is a great way to spend a month doing a lot of diving in a truly magical location whilst learning a new skill which can be added to my CV.

My previous underwater photography experience is only using a basic point and shoot camera, and my editing skills did not extend beyond the edit features on iPhone photos. I have greatly enjoyed using such high quality equipment, and learning how to edit my photos in Lightroom.

People of all ages come from different backgrounds and many different countries to share their passion for the ocean. The three of us were lucky to be able to spend four weeks here, but there are two week courses or personalised workshops for anyone who can’t spare that much time. The course can even count for college credit with your university’s permission. So what are you waiting for?