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About Cozumel

Why Cozumel?

After traveling the world we chose to do these internships in the island of Cozumel because of its charming little Caribbean style city with the great people that live in it but most importantly because of its ocean. Cozumel is known world wide as a top diving destination because of its great underwater visibility, warm waters, its enormous variety of corals and more than 500 species of fish that live in the Cozumel Reefs National Marine Park.

Cozumel is Mexico’s largest island, it is a small city which has become a dive destination from people all around the world because of its unbeatable visibility, breath taking dive sites, all the wild life that call this Marine Protected Area it’s home and a very important factor which is the Mexican hospitality that makes this paradise feel like home.

Cozumel measures about 45 kms (28 miles) long and 10 kms (16 miles) wide. And a lot of this area is covered with white sandy beaches and the remarkable clarity of the multi-colored Caribbean water. Due to the separation that the island has from the main land, Cozumel is the safest city in Mexico and a lot of the tourists that come here say that they feel safer here than when they are at home.

This was a quiet little fishing island until Jacques Cousteau declared it in 1961, one of the most beautiful scuba diving areas in the world. Since that statement Cozumel has made a big part of its ocean an underwater marine park to protect it’s natural treasures for everyone to enjoy.

Official language is Spanish but a few of the locals still are able to speak Mayan. Since Cozumel is a very touristic place you will find that a lot of the locals speak very good English also.

Official currency is Mexican peso but almost just as official is the American dollar. There are several ATM’s all over town and also as many places to exchange currency.

Cozumel, and all of Mexico uses the same 110 volt, 60 cycles per second electricity supply that Canada and the US does.

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