Black water dives

Want to do something different?

We are pleased to announce Ocean Nomads is the first dive operator in Cozumel to offer Black Water diving.

Wednesdays, or any other day of the week, with at least two divers. 

$85 USD

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For advanced divers (50+ logged dives) that want to do a different type of night dive to see things most people have never seen before. 

We’ll be a few miles off shore attached to a line looking for rare open ocean and pelagic animals drift by. 

Divers most have a primary light and backup light.

We recommend to wear full wet suits.  

*Checkout dive is required before doing first black water dive with us.



  • -Tank and weights
  • -Dive Master (3 to 1 ratio max)
  • -Fast boat with two engines
  • -Lighted float line for visual reference
  • -Tank marker