We firmly believe that education is the most important weapon against the environmental problems that we are facing and because of this we are volunteers in a few different schools where we show little kids photos of our oceans and with this teach them how they can make a difference to our planet overall health.

Even with the smallest things we can make a difference, so when it comes to any type of waste like plastic bottles we use alternative choices like giving students a reusable water bottle to use while they are here and keep for themselves so they don’t waste any more plastic.

Our commitment with the sea is immeasurable because we know we owe all we have to it and due to this every interaction we have with the ocean is with the uttermost respect, therefore we do our very best to leave the dive sites as they were before we dove them by not touching, harassing or taking any marine life and cleaning any trash that we find on our way.

We work in conjunction with Cozumel Parks and Reefs  Foundation, at the end of each internship we donate the best pictures taken by our interns which they will use to spread te beauty of this amazing area to be able to keep protecting it.