Our Students Testimonials

Emmett Clarkin from Ireland

Ocean Nomads was the best choice I could have made when deciding on an underwater photography course. The teaching was of the highest quality and the diving was exceptional, from the crystal clear water of the Caribbean Sea to the incredible Cenobites of Yucatan Peninsula. Ari and Pepe helped me to feel right at home during my stay in Cozumel, from developing my confidence in the water with a professional camera to fully immersing me into the Mexican way of life. If you want to enter the incredible world of underwater photography and hace lots of amazing experiences along the way then I highly recommend Ocean Nomads .

Oh! One more thing, WHALE SHARK!!!

Ruby Chu from NY

Pepe and Ari customized a curriculum for me after understanding my interests and (non-underwater) photography skill level. They also provided all the diving and photography equipment, transportation and accommodation. Thus, I was able to really focus on learning, practicing and improving, while having a lot of fun with the crew!

We covered theory, equipment care, equipment assembly & disassembly, strobes lighting, perspective & framing, underwater shooting etiquette, Lightroom tips, fish behavior, daily work critiques, and so much more!


Amanda Kowalski from Hawaii

I took an underwater photography internship last summer with Pepe and Ari and it was incredible! Going from never have taken a single photo underwater to taking photos I could see in a museum, Pepe taught me well. I hope to one day be able to make it out to Mexico and dive with them once more!


Kristin Sansonetti, PADI MSDT and Dive Operator

I had been working as a scuba instructor and taking photos with point-and-shoot digital cameras as a hobby and I was looking to learn more and improve my skills. I never thought I had the skills/ability to take professional level photos but after doing the course with Ocean Nomads that all changed! It was an incredible experience.

I learned so much and improved a great deal on my photography. They are very patient and attentive and care about your work and want to see you improve each dive. If you are looking to do something new with your diving or just want to learn something new for fun, I highly recommend doing their internship, you won’t regret it. Happy snapping!

Frank Kucera from Florida, USA

Ocean Nomads is an absolutely incredible underwater photography course, but it is truly so much more! Pepe and Ari are amazing people who truly care about the ocean. First off Pepe is a phenomenal teacher, I went from having zero photography experience and left with a vast wealth of knowledge that enables me to take some awesome photos to share with the world. You first learn all the basic functions on the camera, how to properly shoot photos above water, and then how to prepare the camera for going underwater. All the gear you use is high quality and does not limit your ability to take high quality photos. During my course we started with macro photography and practiced that for two weeks, spending at least two hours underwater each day. Once you leave the water Pepe teaches you how to properly clean the camera equipment, critiques your favorite 10 photos of the day, and teaches you how to edit photos in Lightroom. During the second two weeks we learned wide-angle photography which ended up being my favorite because of the shear amount of things you can capture in a single photograph. Pepe teaches you not only about locating a subject, but also the importance of lighting, background subjects, and treating the animals with respect (which is the most important thing). Diving with a camera opens you up to a whole new perspective and is very enjoyable. Beyond the photography experience and diving you get to stay in a house with multiple other awesome people from around the world, have authentic Mexican meals cooked for you every day (they are beyond delicious), and just enjoy life to the maximum. You get each weekend off, which is truly needed because you spend all week either taking or editing your photos with little downtime. There is plenty to do on the island in terms of exploration. Each weekend I would ride one of the bikes Pepé and Ari provided me with around the island finding different spots to go snorkeling. All in all, I would say this is the most fun and adventurous thing I have gotten to experience yet, and I highly recommend the Ocean Nomads class to any ocean or scuba lover! Thank you Pepe and Ari, keep up the good work!


Hannah Barlow from Kentucky, USA

If you’re looking for the perfect scuba trip, look no further! Whether it’s your first dive or 100th dive, Ocean Nomads will cater to your experience level and grow your skill set all while making it a fun, enjoyable experience.
I traveled to Cozumel for my first trip abroad, knowing absolutely no Spanish and was warmly greeted by Ari at the airport. Our group consisted of students studying film and media who primarily had no experience diving. We felt welcomed and at home right away! Pepe and Ari spent the first few days going over skills and getting us PADI certified. They were both so patient and understanding with every student & always focused on our safety. After our certification, we began the underwater photography portion of the course which was geared to fit our experience level. Throughout the 2 weeks we were there, we did everything from shore dives, to boat dives and even diving in the freshwater cenotes.
The food was great, the dives were absolutely breathtaking and we were all welcomed in and treated like family. This trip was worth every penny and I really can’t recommend it enough.
To Ocean Nomads- thank you for your patience, your passion to not only share Cozumel’s culture with us but ultimately your dedication to sharing your passion for the ocean and all of critters in it that call it home. Until next time!


Nora Glover from Florida

Over the summer I had the experience of a lifetime traveling to Cozumel, Mexico! For the entire month I was on the island I had the opportunity to be a part of an internship with Ocean Nomads and learn how to do underwater photography! I honestly think it was a trip of a lifetime and I wish it hadnʼt ended so soon.

Every dive was incredible and I truly wish that I could just live underwater and be a mermaid so I didnʼt have to leave the beauty and excitement that I had never seen before this trip.